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Let's Connect On Patreon!

We're excited to announce a brand new way to connect with you: we're on Patreon!

Think of it as our backstage VIP lounge, a space where you're not just fans, but family. We're talking exclusive live streams, early access to tickets, special merch discounts, and even intimate hangouts where we can chat, sing, and get to know you better.

But first, let's dive into the good stuff! We've got four membership tiers, each packed with Ariella extras. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer, we have something special for you. Here's a peek:

Bronze ($5/month)

You'll get early dibs on concert tickets and join us for private live streams, catching all the feels in real-time. Think of it as your serenade, just you and us, sharing the melodies that move us.

Silver ($20/month)

All the Bronze benefits, plus a sweet 10% discount on our merch (hello, snazzy T-shirts!) and a shout-out at the end of our videos. We'll sing your praises to the rooftops (well, the internet rooftops)!

Gold ($50/month)

Not only do you get everything Bronze and Silver offer, but you'll also freshen up your wardrobe with a 20% merch discount and a special  T-shirt – the ultimate badge of Ariella fandom. And oh, did we mention the monthly one-hour hangouts? It's Ariella Unplugged, just us and our Gold and Platinum patrons, chatting, laughing, and even getting a spontaneous jam session going.

Platinum ($250/month)

You, my friend, are the ultimate Ariella confidante! We're showering you with all the previous tier goodies, plus a T-shirt and a one-on-one dinner with us when we're in your town (think gourmet eats and endless music talk!). And here's the crown jewel: after six months of rocking out with us, you get the chance to host a private house concert! Imagine us serenading your closest friends in your living room – talk about an unforgettable memory!

Joining our Patreon isn't just about supporting our music, it's about building a community, a family where we share our passion and connect on a deeper level. We want to know you, hear your stories, and create something truly special together. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us on Patreon, let the music flow, and let's make some beautiful memories, one song at a time!

With love,



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